OOTD 8/19/2015

My first wheelchair selfie on Tumblr got over 500 notes in about 2 weeks and it’s killing me, so here’s another.

Tank top:  Old Navy

Skirt: Goodwill (Volcom)

Tights: Target

Belt: Hot Topic

Shoes: Vans

I think it’s hilarious that I bother with mentioning where I got all these clothes and it’s all Old Navy or really cheap brands and thrifted shit hahaha


2 thoughts on “OOTD 8/19/2015

  1. You can get some really good stuff at thrift shops- you just have to know what you’re looking for. Besides- if you rock it (and you do) why does it matter where it comes from?


    1. This is true! The reason I say it’s funny is because on Tumblr I’ve noticed that people who post OOTD stuff usually get their stuff from nicer or more eccentric clothing brands. Not that I’m aiming to compete!

      I LOVE thrifting clothes like skirts, pants, vests, and outerwear. Shirts, it so much, but otherwise, GIMME GIMME.

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