Minor yarn acquisition

I have acquired a small amount of lovely yarn! And a couple small squares of fabric as well. It’s all pretty cute!

The Chunky Mochi yarn is merino wool and nylon, and boy, is it lovely and soft. I also really, really love the colors. It’s going to make a fantastic hat. I picked it up from the small yarn store nearby, called Coordinated Colors. It was an incredible store, and I’ll definitely feature them here sometime. Also, check out the adorable cat on the label (a Scottish Fold, probably?).

The other yarn is some $1 stuff from AC Moore. It’s pretty darn soft as well, and it’ll probably make a few cute cuffs or something, but I don’t find it worth featuring in detail. It’s really cheap and probably available at just about any craft store.

Lastly, the fabric is 100% cotton, and it’ll make a great wheelchair cushion cover. I’m thrilled with it, and can’t wait to make my new cover, but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow at least. Today has been very busy, and I’m quite tired. Closer shot of the fabric below.

Spiders with socks! Way too cute.

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