Finally- pictures of my wheelchair!

So, last Friday, the wheelchair I bought came! I never got around to taking pictures partially because I was absolutely consumed with knitting, and partially because I wanted to wait until I had made it sufficiently sparkly. But, it’s finally sparkly and colorful enough for my liking, and I’ve attached a cute little bag that I made super fast yesterday.

I think it’s way too cute. I love it! I wrapped some mini garland for Christmas trees around the frame underneath, and wrapped some rainbow yarn around the spokes very loosely. As well, I used the cute fabric I got from the store the other day to cover a pillow form, glued and sewed some Velcro on the bottom of it, and am using it as a cushion! (I chose a regular pillow over an actual wheelchair cushion because memory foam actually cuts off circulation if I sit on it, and the gel cushions feel very strange to me. A pillow works perfectly for me, and doesn’t get too hot.)

I knitted the bag out of Isaac Mizrahi Craft Yarn, picked up at Michael’s, with 10mm/sz15 needles. It’s almost a foot wide, and about six inches long. I used the long-tail cast on for 29 stitches, and I started in the Nubby Sand pattern, but at some point, I must have accidentally repeated a row, because the pattern switches sides. I decided to just go with it, and I alternated the Nubby pattern on each side. I think it looks pretty cute that way, actually, and I’m sort of glad I made that mistake! The bag is attached to the frame with a simple crochet chain, made with black Wool-Ease Thick n Quick yarn, and just tied right on there, the bottom secured with another little knot.

Overall, everything took me about 10 hours to put together, including the time to knit the bag. It was tons of fun.

Similar bags will be up in my Etsy once I get the prototypes down, but in the meantime, I’m happy to knit custom bags for people who are crafty enough to attach them to their chairs on their own! <:


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