First time knitting fingerless gloves/hand warmers

So I decided to start on the prototype for my wheelchair gloves, which I’ll start selling on Etsy once I have them looking nice. I used a provisional cast on, with 27 stitches, 8mm/sz11 needles, and Michael’s Charisma yarn in this beautiful blue-teal color.

Don’t mind my nail polish! Nubby Sand is such a fun stitch….

It was pretty fun to make, and it took me most of the day because of my hands and being a bit busy, but it was pretty darn fun. The opposite side of the fabric is this very nice rib-like pattern, but it doesn’t stretch like ribbing, so it lays more flat and is very pretty. Anyway, this looks pretty good, and the last step for testing is to paint the palms or the spot where the heel of the hand might rest. I’m going to pick up some Plasti-dip once I get the chance, and I’m going to paint one with that, and the other with screen printing ink, and hopefully, it’ll make some decent winter wheelchair gloves! We’ll see! O:


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